Fenton Glass

Fenton Glass

The Fenton Art Glass Company, founded in 1905 by Frank and John Fenton, started in an old glass factory with other people`s blank glass, but finally, they started making their own glass when their artistic needs weren't met.In 1907, the Fenton brothers came up with carnival glass, which is pressed iridescent colorful glass.

In 1952, Fenton Glass started selling milk glass, an opaque, milky white or colored glass, and often had the hobnail design, but it wasn't until 1970 that Fenton added their logo to the bottoms of pieces.Collectors argue about the authenticity of older unmarked pieces, but now the rare vases, bowls, glasses and lamps that Fenton made will be rare collectibles.

In August of 2007, Fenton announced that they will be closing up shop. So what does this mean for collectors You're going to have to get creative!Look on eBay for all the antique marks, marked and unmarked Fenton glass that you can find. Not mention you can find authentic, classic Murano glass on eBay as well.

EBay has a great selection of hobnail, carnival and other colored glass from Fenton. The Fenton Art Glass Company was famous for its unusually colored glass and now you can find these antiques for sale cheap on eBay! You can also find rare and unique Carnival Glassware is similar styles.

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